Mission and Values

Mission Statement

"Johnson educates students for Christian ministries and other strategic vocations framed by the Great Commission in order to extend the kingdom of God among all nations."


Johnson University’s vision is to bring glory to God and hope to the world by preparing promising students for excellence in Christian ministry through an affordable, community-oriented, Christ-centered education.

Core Values

The lordship of Christ and the authority of Scripture
The centrality of service to Christian congregations, the local community, and the world

The necessity of faith, the efficacy of prayer, and the value of work

The importance of affordability and the worth of a nurturing community

The imperative of a Christian lifestyle and the virtue of academic discipline

The priority of communicating throughout the world the message of peace, wholeness, and restoration as described in the Christian Scriptures

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Expanded Mission Statement

Johnson, a private, coeducational institution of higher learning offering associate, baccalaureate, and graduate degrees, strives to be faithful through twenty-first century methods to its historic purpose of preparing students to preach the Gospel.

Johnson seeks qualified students committed to communicating throughout the world the message of peace, wholeness, and restoration as described in Christian Scriptures. We enroll students from all age groups and from diverse geographic, ethnic, and social backgrounds. Consistent with our historic practice, we endeavor to make education available to students regardless of their financial resources.

Johnson engages a faculty supportive of its mission and committed to teaching and advising; scholarly and creative activity; and service to churches, Johnson, and the larger community. We create a supportive environment for spiritual formation in which students and faculty can identify abilities and realize responsibilities for personal growth and for service to others in the churches and the human community. We also provide financial resources, facilities, and administrative and academic services that support student and faculty achievement.

Johnson offers undergraduate programs involving a curriculum for all students that

  1. centers upon the knowledge, application, and appreciation of the Scriptures;
  2. builds upon a general education core aimed at understanding and appreciating cultural contexts as well as developing skills to communicate within those contexts; and
  3. provides vocational options aimed at engaging students in congregational ministries and other strategic callings.

Johnson offers graduate programs in professional and academic areas that prepare students for leadership in congregations, educational institutions, and other service vocations. Johnson also recognizes its responsibility of service to Christian congregations, the local community, and the world.

Johnson provides in the cocurricular and extracurricular activities a transformational, experiential, and missional education. These activities lead students to understand and exhibit ethical behavior consistent with scriptural norms, provide students with service learning opportunities that sharpen their abilities and sense of calling, and demonstrate ways that selected vocations accomplish their part of the Great Commission.

Read the statement of faith.