Frequently Asked Questions - Current Students

Questions Related to Academics


When do I register for my classes?
How do I know what course(s) to register for next?
How do I register for my classes?


How do I know what textbooks are needed for my classes? How and when do I order them?
Are the textbooks available as Kindle or e-reader?

Academic Credit

I attended a previous college. How many of my credits will transfer?
What is CLEP and how can I get credit?

Student Services

Am I welcome to come to Knoxville for commencement ceremonies?
I’m moving. Do I need to submit a Change of Address form?
What is the difference between drop and withdraw?
How do I drop?
What is the drop deadline?
What are the financial implications of drop?
How do I withdraw?
What is the withdraw deadline?
What are the financial implications of withdrawing?
How do I change my degree?
I recently married. How do I change my name?

Questions about Degree Programs

What degrees do you offer?
How do I know which degree fits me best?
How long does it take to complete an online degree?
How do I know what courses are required for my degree program?
How do I change my degree?

Questions about Student Services

What student services are available for students taking online courses?

Academic Advising

Who is my Advisor?

Academic Support Center

What services are available to online students through the Academic Support Center?

Financial Aid

How can I find out information about financial aid available to online students?


Can I use the Johnson University Library?


How do I get help with access to email or Sakai?
What document file types must I use when submitting assignment for online courses?
What if I do not have Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) on my computer? Do I have to buy a copy?

Questions about Success as an Online Student

What is the ORCC?

Time Management

What is attendance like in an online class?
How many hours a day/week will I need to be available for class work?
What time of the day do I need to be available?

Academic Calendar and Pacing

Is there a fall and spring break for online students like campus courses?
I’m an undergraduate student taking a seven-week online course, but I find the beginning and ending dates listed in the Academic Calendar confusing. Can you clarify?

Technology Skills

How can I get help with technology problems?
How do I access my online class?
Do I watch videos?
What is