Frequently Asked Questions - Future Students

Questions about Online Learning

How will a college degree from Johnson University benefit me?
What is the difference between online classes and face-to-face, on-site classes?
What is taking an online course like?
How do I know if I have what it takes to be a successful online student?
Is there anything I can do to prepare to become a successful online student?
What will online education cost me in time and money?

Questions about Online Education at Johnson University

Degree Programs

What degrees do you offer online?
How do I know which online degree program fits me best?

Time Commitment

How long will it take me to complete an online degree?
How many hours a day/week should I plan to spend for each online course I take?
How long do I have to finish my degree after I start the program?
What is attendance like in an online class?
What does asynchronous mean?

Costs and Financial Aid

What is the tuition cost and how does that compare to face-to-face educational costs?
Are there other costs for online education?
Is financial aid available for online education? How do I apply for it?
Are scholarships available for online students?

Student Services

What student services are available to me as an online student?
Who is my academic advisor?
How do I know what classes to take for my degree?
What is My.JohnsonU.Edu?
How do I know what textbooks are needed for my classes, and how do I get them?

Questions about Technology and Online Education

What document file types must I use when submitting work for online courses?
What if I do not have Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) on my computer? Do I have to buy a copy?
What is Sakai?
How do I access and login to my online courses?
Are there minimum technology requirements to be a successful online student?
Do I watch videos?
Does the University provide 24/7 help for technology problems?

Questions about Application and Registration

Application Process

How do I apply to become an online student at Johnson University?
Can I enroll if I am not a resident of Tennessee?
Does Johnson University accept international students?
What is the FAFSA Code for Johnson University?
What is meant by "official" transcripts?
Why do you have to have all my transcripts and not just the one that lists all my credits?
What application requirements do I have left?
How do I know when I'm accepted?
Do I have to go through the enrollment process again if I take a session or term off from classes?

Transfer of Credit and CLEP

What is the maximum number of credit hours I can transfer from another college and/or university?
What is CLEP and how can I get credit?

Steps Following Acceptance

When and how do I register for my online courses?
How many credit hours is part time?
How many credit hours is full time?
Where do I find information about important academic policies and procedures?
When and how do I pay my student bill?

Questions about Disabilities Services

I have a disability. Where do I get information about what Johnson University offers?

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