School of Congregational Ministry

Since its foundation in 1893, Johnson University has been committed to training passionate, well-equipped ministers and preachers. The current faculty carries on this tradition of preparing dynamic leaders for an ever-changing world. The School of Congregational Ministry educates students to extend the kingdom of God through ministry, preaching, and church leadership.

Johnson’s strong reputation in the higher education community has drawn individuals from all over the world to study preaching and develop leadership skills. All coursework maintains a biblical core and is designed to provide a firm foundation for vocational ministry.

The School of Congregational Ministry offers numerous undergraduate degrees relating to various aspects of church ministry, including majors in preaching or youth ministry. Johnson also offers online degree programs for students seeking flexibility.

Learn More About Program Offerings 

A.S. Ministry Leadership TN FL OL 
B.A./B.S. Children’s Ministry Tennessee Programs Florida Program
B.A./B.S. Pastoral Care and Counseling Florida Online
B.A./B.S. Ministry Leadership Online Programs 
B.A./B.S. Preaching & Church Leadership Tennessee Programs Florida Programs
B.A./B.S. Preaching & Youth Ministry Tennessee Florida
B.A./B.S. Strategic Ministry Tennessee Programs Florida Tennessee EX Program Icon
B.A./B.S. in Youth Ministry Tennessee Programs Florida
Master of Strategic Ministry EX Program Icon
Certificate in Christian Ministries (Undergraduate) Online 
Graduate Certificate in Christian Ministries Online