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student spotlight image Brandon Braun - Shiloh IL

“As a student, Johnson’s MA program improved my knowledge and appreciation for the depth of biblical scholarship. As a minister, it equipped me with the tools to be a more effective leader and preacher. As a Christian, it challenged me to a deeper understanding of what God’s Word says and who He has called me to be.”

student spotlight image Rachel Nawrocki – Lake Placid FL

“Prior to applying to Johnson, I researched hundreds of online doctoral programs. I visited many campuses and met with faculty and staff members at various institutions. During my search for a doctoral program, my greatest concern was that I did not want to be in a program that lacked a sense of community, in which I was just another ‘number.’ I was searching for a program that fostered a sense of community and collaboration, amongst the staff, faculty and students. Johnson’s Ph.D program has far exceeded my expectations. Johnson’s program cultivates a strong sense of community, one that I did not think could exist in an online, distance learning program… that is until I was immersed in the Johnson culture.
The Ph.D program at Johnson is one that has breached the physical barriers of distance, time and physical location, to create a collaborative learning environment in which students from across the globe work together through critical discussion, research, brainstorming, team projects and partnership.

During a typical week, domestic and international Johnson Ph.D students collaborate in discussion forums, research projects, individual and group assignments. Just last week I worked on a team project, from the comfort of my office, in Central Florida, with a student from Korea, another from Indonesia and another from the West coast. Johnson has created a platform for intercultural student leaders to come together and creatively collaborate. Throughout my Ph.D journey, I have learned and gleaned so much from my fellow students. Each Ph.D student leader brings unique experiences, worldviews and insights. I consider every student in my cohort more than just my peers, rather we are friends and even family… Johnson family!

The faculty is comprised of a team of highly knowledgeable and expert leaders. Each professor, serves as a mentor, and brings a unique theoretical and philosophical background, and a breadth of knowledge, experience and culture. The faculty’s engagement and commitment to students is unparalleled. Each and every professor is committed to the students and vested in challenging us, to reach new heights and become the scholars, experts, contributors and leaders that God has called us to be!”

student spotlight image Jamie Bauknight – Knoxville TN

“At Johnson I’ve found a place where college fits who I am and where I am in life. The faculty and advisors care about the students. And there’s something about the atmosphere… God is so honored. It’s a very encouraging place to go.”

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student spotlight image James Bliffin – Papua New Guinea

“I have really enjoyed my academic adventure in my online classes from Johnson University. The information gathered has been both informative and practical. I am enrolled in the Master’s program for Intercultural Studies (Missions) in preparation for going on the field with Pioneer Bible Translators. The work I do in the online classes has enabled me to understand missions in a whole new light and is equipping me, as well as anything can, for a new cultural experience. The work is challenging yet fulfilling and useful. I am indebted to the staff and professors of Johnson University for their dedication, skill, and excellence in academics as they prepare men and women for greater service in the Kingdom of God.”

student spotlight image Joni Bliffin – Papua New Guinea

“I have wanted to complete my degree for many years but we have never lived close enough to a Christian university to be able to do so. I was so excited to learn that I can not only complete my Bachelor degree online at Johnson University, but I can also continue to work full-time while attending school. I have enjoyed my classes in the Intercultural Studies Program. The professors are very involved in our online coursework and we get the opportunity to interact with other students through forum discussions and group assignments. Johnson University has been a great help in preparing me for service on the mission field. “

student spotlight image Larry Johnson – Glen Lyn VA

“I came to the MA program at Johnson with a varied background. In my first career I served the public as a paramedic and as a police officer. During that time I knew that God was calling me into full-time ministry. That led to the last 15 years of serving the Lord as a senior minister. Along the way I somehow came to be fifty and the father of eight and grandfather of eight. God is now calling me in a different direction through the MA in ICS at Johnson. The advisors, the professors, and the engaging study are showing me that God wants me to serve Him in the areas of missions and online instruction. The online program is providing much more than a degree; it is truly functioning as God’s hands to lead me and equip me!”