Teacher Education

Bachelor’s + 1 Semester Student Teaching
Bachelor’s + Master’s in Holistic Education

The Teacher Education major at Johnson University introduces students to the fundamentals of teaching. In addition to the Arts & Science Core and the Bible & Theology Core, this program includes general education courses and professional studies in child psychology, educational philosophy, and specialized teaching methodologies.

Students choose one of several licensure options and earn a bachelor’s (4-year plan), bachelor’s + 1 semester student teaching (4.5-year plan) or Master’s in Holistic Education (5-year plan).

The Teacher Education program at Johnson University features affordable tuition approved by the Tennessee State Board of Education. The engaged faculty members prepare you to seek licensure in Tennessee and most other states. Johnson University Tennessee boasts a 95% graduate placement rate

In addition to the department’s excellent team of faculty and staff members in the Templar School of Education, the department also boasts a resource center for present and future educators. This resource center contains thousands of books for children and young adults, as well as grade-specific curriculum for teachers. This area is a valuable resource for students and teachers alike. 

The Teacher Education major will equip students to:

  1. Demonstrate the attitude of Jesus in their ethical and moral attitudes and actions as they work with all children. They would specifically develop the dispositions of faith, goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, kindness and love.
  2. Integrate methodologies and content into teaching
  3. Develop multicultural and diversity competencies
  4. Develop and implement an effective system of discipline and classroom management based on a Christian Philosophical foundation
  5. Understand and apply principles of human development with a holistic view of the child to the classroom
  6. Demonstrate technological and technical skills required for competent classroom instruction
  7. Develop a professional concern for lifelong learning and educational improvement

Licensure Options

BA/BS Licensure Options
English as a Second Language Education Grades PreK-12

BA/BS + 1 Semester Licensure Options
Early Childhood Education Grades PreK-3
Elementary Education Grades K-5 & ESL Education Grades PreK-12
Physical Education K-12—Sport & Fitness Leadership
Endorsement: Gifted Education

MA Holistic Education Concentrations
Grades PreK-3 Early Childhood Education Concentration
Grades K-5 Elementary Education Concentration
Grades K-5 & ESL Grades PreK-12 Elementary Education & English as a Second Language Education Concentration

Contact Information

For more information on the Teacher Education major, please contact the Teacher Education Office directly.
Phone:  865-251-2348

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Upon approved completion of the master’s degree in Holistic Education or graduate student teaching, students are recommended to the Tennessee State Board of Education for licensure in their program area. The Tennessee State Board of Education has a reciprocal agreement with nearly all other states. This means a Tennessee license is transferable to most other states and is recognized by mission and international schools. Graduates are also recommended for certification by the Association of Christian Schools International, which qualifies them to teach in private Christian schools.

Professional Area Course Sampling
Introduction to Teaching
Survey of Persons with Disabilities
Classroom Management with Regular and Special Populations
Reading Methods
Introduction to Educational Technology
Field Experience
Student Teaching

MA Holistic Education Course Sampling
Tools for Teachers
Research Design
Brain Based Learning
Test, Measurement, and Assessment
Culminating Learning Experience
Curriculum and Diversity

Bible and Theology Course Sampling
Orientation to the Old Testament I
Orientation to the Old Testament II
Orientation to the New Testament
Fundamentals of Christian Faith
Exegetical Methods
Old Testament Poetry/Wisdom or Prophets Selective
New Testament Epistles or Gospels Selective