Holistic Education (MA)

The 13-month M.A. in Holistic Education program provides a “fifth year” of advanced study leading to licensure for those who have completed a baccalaureate degree from the Templar School of Education. This M.A. cannot be taken as a stand-alone program, nor is it designed for students who hold a degree from another department, college, or university. Students choose a concentration in (1) Early Childhood Education with Grades PreK-3 Licensure, (2) Elementary Education with Grades K-5 Licensure, or (3) Elementary Education & English as a Second Language Education with Grades K-5 Licensure and Grades PreK-12 ESL Licensure. During the local public or Christian school year, candidates serve an internship that begins on the first day teachers return to the classroom and continues through the teachers’ final day. Interns complete base placements in their primary licensure area with two alternative placements in the other areas of licensure, other grade levels, and in public and Christian schools in various combinations. Successful completion of the program leads to licensure from the Tennessee State Board of Education; certification by the Association of Christian Schools, International (ACSI); and a Master of Arts degree from Johnson University.

If you hold a bachelor’s degree from another college or university and wish to pursue a graduate program in teacher education, you may be interested in one of Johnson University’s Masters of Arts Post-Baccalaureate degrees.

MA Holistic Education Concentrations
Grades PreK-3 Early Childhood Education Concentration
Grades K-5 Elementary Education Concentration
Grades K-5 & ESL Grades PreK-12 Elementary Education & English as a Second Language  Education Concentration

Contact Information
For more information on the M.A. Holistic Education degree, please contact the Teacher Education Office directly.
Phone: 865-251-2348

Upon approved completion of the master’s degree in Holistic Education or graduate student teaching, students are recommended to the Tennessee State Board of Education for licensure in their program area. Graduates are also recommended for certification by the Association of Christian Schools International, which qualifies them to teach in private Christian schools.