Financial Aid

Johnson University Tennessee offers one of the best values in affordable Christian education in the state of Tennessee, with tuition at nearly half the cost of many comparable colleges and universities.

Even with the affordable tuition, many students receive financial assistance through Johnson Scholarships made possible by the generous support of churches, alumni, and friends of JUTN. To ensure students are provided with the best financial resources available, financial aid counselors offer helpful information on federal and state aid, federal loans, and private loans

There are more than 300 work-study jobs on campus for students. The Work-Study Program allows students to earn money for tuition while receiving valuable on-the-job training and mentoring from skilled Christian leaders.

Accessing Financial Aid

1. To access financial aid, first complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)  which could open the door for multiple grants and scholarship opportunities. To receive the maximum amount of aid, this step should be completed by April 15. Johnson University Tennessee’s FAFSA code is 003495.

2. If selected for verification, you will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office with instructions on how to complete the necessary steps.

3. Complete the Financial Aid Check-In.

4. Review the Johnson Scholarships that are available.

5. Consider options for Work-Study to earn extra money on campus.

Disbursing Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office (FAO) disburses financial assistance directly to the student's Johnson account. Disbursements are scheduled two weeks after the add/drop date of the term/session to allow time for processing. If a student requests a refund, the Student Accounts Office has 14 days to issue a refund once the financial assistance has been posted to the student's Johnson account. Refunds will be issued to the student in the form of a check.

In order to reduce overpayment to students who do not begin attendance, refunds will not be issued until after the term starts. Loans are not disbursed until sometime after the term starts. Exceptions may be made to this rule on a case-by-case basis for students who need to use financial aid funds to purchase books before the beginning of the semester. In these cases, the student is required to submit an appeal to the FAO for either approval or denial by the director. If approved, the funds will not be disbursed any earlier than 10 days before the term start date. The FAO collaborates with other offices to track whether or not the student actually began attending class. Students may also charge books to their student accounts through the online bookstore and use financial aid funds to cover that purchase.

Since a student's aid cannot exceed the Cost of Attendance (COA), over-awards must be eliminated. Over-awards are taken care of according to the circumstance of the over-award. Specifically, the cause of the overaward determines whether the student or school is liable for resolution of the overpayment. In general, unless the school is liable, a student is liable for any overpayment made to him or her. In these instances, the FAO will notify the student about their repayment obligation and report the overpayment in NSLDS. The student is ineligible for FSA funds until he/she makes repayment arrangements with the Department of Education.

Eligibility for Institutional Aid

Johnson University institutional scholarships are available to most full-time degree-seeking students. Part-time students in their final term are eligible to receive institutional scholarships on a prorated basis. Students enrolled in online and adult studies programs are not eligible for institutional aid. Some institutional aid is automatically awarded upon receiving both the FAFSA and the Johnson Financial Aid Check-In. Other institutional aid requires applications that may be obtained on the Johnson Scholarships page. A minimum of a 2.0 GPA is required to receive any Johnson aid. Certain awards may require a higher GPA. Total institutional aid may not exceed annual tuition. 

Financial Aid Annual TimelineFinancial Aid Annual Timeline

Overview of the Financial Aid Process:

The Financial Aid process starts with submitting the FAFSA application at All students who are interested in receiving financial aid must submit the FAFSA to Johnson University and include our school on their application. Our school code is 003495.

Once the Financial Aid office receives the submitted FAFSA into our system, the designated financial aid counselor reviews the application to determine if the student was selected for further verification. If so, then the counselor emails the student requesting additional documentation in order to verify the FAFSA information. Documentation required is often a verification worksheet, parent and/or student IRS Tax Return Transcript, Non-Filers verification, or the V4&V5 verification worksheet. If the counselor determines that more information is needed for review, they will reach out to the student and request the documentation.

After verification has been performed or the FAFSA application has been determined as ready, the financial aid counselor will package and award financial aid according to need, merit, and eligibility. Once the packaging process is complete, the student will receive an email notification of the awards they are receiving. The award letter provides detail on the awards, amounts, and status of the financial aid package. The student must then log into their financial aid portal to accept or decline their awards. Further documentation may be required depending on the awards accepted (e.g. Christian Ministry Application, student loan documents, parent PLUS documents).

Once the awards have been accepted, they will appear on the student’s account. If further financial arrangements need to be made, they can set up a payment plan through TMS in their student account portal. The deadline to make a payment for the fall semester is August 15. If the account is not in good standing before the start of each semester the student may face classes being dropped or being unable to register.

Financial Aid Resources

Financial Aid Forms
FAFSA Application
Net Price Calculator
Consumer Information
Federal and State Aid
Federal Loans
Private Loans 
Student Loan Entrance Counseling
Student Loan Exit Counseling

Contact Information

For more information about all of the options available, please contact the Financial Aid Office directly.

Phone (local):  865-251-2303
Fax:  865-251-3333

Financial Aid Counselor

Phone (local):  865-251-2314

Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.