School of Arts & Sciences

Since its founding in 1893, Johnson University has offered an affordable Christian education based on diverse academic curriculum that aims to prepare dynamic leaders for an ever-changing world.

The School of Arts & Sciences joins with the School of Bible & Theology to serve as the academic core for all of Johnson's programs. Johnson uses this core to achieve its goal of educating students for Christian ministries and other strategic vocations to extend the kingdom of God.

The Arts & Sciences Core includes courses in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, fine arts, and religious studies. Through the study of these disciplines, faculty help students develop skills in critical thinking, effective written and oral communication, information literacy, and problem solving. These skills equip students for lifelong learning and effective service to others. The School of Arts & Sciences also houses the Honors Program and Sport & Fitness Leadership programs.

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Arts & Sciences Core JUTN Programs Florida Programs JUOL Program
Honors Program Tennessee Programs

B.A./B.S. English Tennessee Programs
  Concentrations in:

  • Rhetoric & Writing
  • Literature

B.A./B.S. History Tennessee Programs
  Concentrations in:

  • American History
  • Church History
  • General History
  • Public History
  • World History

B.A./B.S. Public Health Tennessee Programs
Public Health Minor Tennessee Programs
B.A./B.S. Religious Studies TN
B.S. in Sport & Fitness Leadership Tennessee Programs Florida Programs
Certificate - Sports & Fitness Leadership Tennessee Programs Florida Programs